About Us

Founded in Leicester in 2018, the Teesh brand has gone from strength to strength.

We look to the future with great optimism, knowing that our clients will enjoy working alongside us.

Since our doors first opened, we have put innovation and creativity at the forefront of everything we do, whilst sticking to the core values we built our brand upon.

Our Story

Teesh began life as a dedicated screen print provider in the heart of Leicester, producing retail quality printed products for the licensed merchandise industry. Due to the calibre of our clients, we volunteered to undertake a number of audits and inspections (SMETA) to bring us up to the industry’s ethical base code. Given that we intended to build an ethically focused company, we felt that this was the right step to take, and to start our business in the right way. These audits were passed with flying colours, and we have decided to volunteer to be inspected annually to give our customers peace of mind knowing that all of their work is completed in the right way.

Since our early days, we have decided to add to our catalogue of services in many innovative ways, offering printing and production to a wider range of clients. We have invested into Direct to Garment printing machinery, and more recently have decided to build a drop-shipping service which will offer clients the chance to start clothing businesses without having to invest a penny. We are always coming up with new ways to help our customers, and hope to cover all areas of the garment production market in the years to come.

Get in touch with us today to find out how Teesh can help you grow your brand, or how we can help you keep up with your busy schedule.


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Find out how Teesh can help you grow your brand, or how we can help you keep up with your busy schedule.

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