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If you want to create some t-shirts for your clothing line, then you need a garment printing service. This is a type of printing that is different to others. It uses ink, mesh sheets and stencils. It’s very old, dating back to about the 200s AD. This means that it has been refined and refined to an art form. Still done mostly by hand, you get incredible quality each and every time. The history is fascinating and the reasons for why it’s still loved by all the top brands, even more fast-acting.

Starting in China

Garment printing started in China, about 220 AD. This was usually done for the Dynasties that were running the country. Only they and their followers would be wearing incredibly decadent clothing, symbolising their wealth and social status. Eventually, screen printing began to be used for posters, canvas prints and paintings. The aristocracy loved this form of art and style and it became very popular in Europe once trade with China became normalised. Then, in Leicester, England, the garment district perfected screen printing for it to become mass production worthy.

Very versatile

Garment printing is very versatile and used for many things, such as t-shirts and jeans. But it’s also used on metals, plastics and wood. It’s something that you can use for artwork and various decor items. It’s not uncommon for lampshades to be given their prints using this technique. However, the majority of screen printing is done on clothing items, such as t-shirts, dresses and cardigans. As long as you can stretch the material, lay it flat and tighten it among the screen and the frame, then it should be fine.

Why get screen-printed t-shirts?

Of all the various techniques, such as heat transfer or direct to garment, screen printing has shown itself to be the most loved. The quality is unrivalled and has continued to be something that the top brands like Nike and Firebrand. However, we think that the main reason why screen printing is loved is because of the cost. Compared to others, it’s very cost-effective. It can be done over and over, making bulk orders with very little ink.

Sourcing garments

Hey, we know that micro businesses don’t have the budget to buy the best kind of material they can find. So we do the fabric sourcing on behalf of our clients. Because of our experience in screen printing, we can tell when a fabric is going to do well in the process, really absorbing the ink for a deeply rich finish. This is something that you may not be able to do yourself or have the budget for hiring the experts. Don’t worry about it, we have great contacts in the garment industry, leave it with us!

If you would like more information about screen printing, especially for t-shirts, then give us a shout via our website or social media. Feel free to call us on 0116 367 1647.

Sourcing garments

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