Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG printing (Direct to Garment) is rapidly becoming a firm favourite for all ranges of customers around the globe, and for good reason. Perfect for Print-On-Demand services, eliminating waste and personalised garment printing. With digital garment printing, creating your own custom designs couldn’t be easier.

High Quality Printing

The print quality which can be achieved through Direct to Garment Printing is great for photographic images, and perfect for keeping that crisp, clear image when printed onto garments. Wondering how DTG prints last in the wash? Learn more.

Customisable Clothing

The DTG print method has made customisable clothing easier than ever to produce. Image creation and manipulation can be done in seconds via its operating system, as opposed to the set up fees and screen charges associated with screen printing. You’ve also got unlimited colour options with DTG, due to the CMYK colour process.

DTG Printing Enquiries

This process is perfect for all customers in some way or form from sampling to custom prints, so enquire about this print method when getting in touch with us. It may save you some money, and make your design editing or adjusting a smoother process. We always endeavour to recommend and proceed with the right print method for all of our customers.

Low Order Quantities in Digital Printing

In the Screen Printing process, a vibrant, colourful image would mean a higher set-up fee, but using Direct to Garment Printing, one of these images can be printed in a matter of minutes. We have no minimum order quantity (MOQ) for direct to garment printing. This is great for independent clothing brands who want to elevate their garment drops and trial new samples. Additionally, if you’re looking for personalised uniform for a small team of staff, this is another great option.

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