Band, Artist and Creator Merchandise

Live Event Merchandise

At Teesh Print, we understand and have seen first-hand the importance of having high-quality merchandise for bands and artists embarking on tours. Securing the right merchandise provider can make a world of difference in creating memorable experiences for fans and maximising revenue opportunities for performers

Earn Money Regularly

Most large creators are aiming to make money from their channel. You can earn money through YouTube, Touring, TikTok Promotion and Events in different ways. The first source that most people start with is by earning money from advertisements, either with automated ads or sponsored video content. You can earn a lot of money if your platforms continue to attract viewers and listeners. More viewers mean more income from advertisements and branded merchandise.

You can sell merch to your followers, subscribers and listeners. You direct interested viewers to your main sales site, like an online store, from your platforms and channels. The earnings you will make on sales will depend on how much you promote yourseld and your merchandise.

Build Your Brand

Brand image and personality is paramount, especially amongst creatives. Audiences opinion of a creators products or services is what builds brand trust and loyalty. Utilising brand personality, visuals, catchphrases, music and other measures that bring people to your platform can impress viewers and listeners, and merchandise is a product of this loyalty and representation. Compared to blogging and other marketing tools, Merchandise can turn your business and self-promotion into a trustworthy brand with long-lasting exposure.

We have introduced a brand consultancy service, where we can guide creators through the 360° production service we provide, from garment sourcing to finishing and everything inbetween.

How Teesh Can Help With Band, Artist and Creator Merchandise

Wearable garments are the most popular choice for bespoke merchandise ranges. Teesh Print specialises in the printing of clothing and acessories, including t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and more, for adults and children of all genders.

One of the challenges for creators is the need for large quantities with rapid turnovers. At Teesh Print, we offer both print-on-demand services and large quantity bulk orders with express delivery options. With increased sales, you can switch to bulk production to lower your costs further. Combine that with our drop-shipping centres, and you have a convenient solution for merchandise.

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