Branded Products

Due to the rise in branded merchandise in the past decade, not only can we assist you in all of your garment printing and production needs, we can have mugs, re-usable bottles, tote bags and more sent out to your business.

Gaining brand exposure

Branded products are a brilliant way of gaining brand exposure, whether you’re giving your clients mugs on their visit to your building, handing out tote bags at university freshers events, or encouraging the cutting down of plastic use in the office by giving metal bottles to the workforce, we’ve got you covered.

We create all of your orders

In the same way that your garment printing orders are fulfilled right here in our building, so will all of your branded merchandise.

We create all of your orders in house and all by hand, so you can be sure none of what you have ordered has arrived from anywhere but ourselves.

Ask us about merchandise

So if this is something you have been considering to expose your brand to new clients, if you’re planning some events and want to hand out some freebies, or just want everything in the office to have your brand on it, we’re here to help.

Send us a message!

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