Heat Transfer Printing

One of the oldest and easiest methods of garment printing, and by far the most cost-effective. T-shirt heat transfer has given the opportunity to thousands of independent clothing brands to take production into their own hands, as all you need is an iron or a heat press.

Print-on-demand service for your customers.

Our transfers can come in screen print or digital form, and offers fantastic consistency as well being superbly cheap. This means that all you will need at home is your blank garments, and a way of pressing the print onto the substrate, giving you the advantages of not having to mass produce your clothing, and also being able to perform a print-on-demand service for your customers.

Environmentally friendly heat transfers

This can also be a great way of being an environmentally friendly, ethical producer of clothing, given that you will only be creating products when you sell them.

Take total control of your brand

We stand by the fact that not all of our customers are happy to fork out their hard earned money risking producing designs they haven’t sold before, so by purchasing transfers from us, it gives you the chance to take total control of your brand, mixing up the colours of your garments as you please, and offering customers customisable, ethical, and cost-effective clothing.

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