Garment Sourcing

Not only do we handle all of your printing and production needs, we can also source your garments for you. We have access to trade pricing which means affordability goes hand-in-hand with quality. At Teesh, we pride ourselves in our personalised consultancy throughout the printing process.

Blank Garments

We appreciate that getting hold of blank garments can sometimes be a bit of a minefield, with certain brands or colours being out of stock, not knowing the difference between styles, or not being able to get the best prices from certain companies.

We can get hold of whatever you require for trade prices

Fortunately, we have good relationships with the nations leading blanks suppliers, meaning we can get hold of whatever you require for trade prices, and usually in a better time scale. This can be one of the most irritating parts of producing clothing, so we are happy to take this headache away for you.

We provide fantastic print quality every time

Now if waiting around for your order isn’t something you can afford to do, we do keep a large amount of stock in the building for customers who need their orders starting as soon as possible. The garments we have chosen are the best possible quality for a reasonably priced blank, and ensure fantastic print quality every time. All of our own products are printed onto these blanks, so if we are happy with them, we are sure you will be too.

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