What Makes Good Merch?

Last week, GQ Magazine published ‘Merch Week’, an opportunity to explore the vast industry of merchandise, its impact on society and whether or not it is ‘the end of merch‘. In our opinion, of course, it isn’t – merch is a catalyst for conversation, creates a walking marketing tool and acts as a token for devoted fans to express their artists’ brand image whilst remembering what might later be described as ‘the best night of their lives’.

The GQ essay is an interesting read for sure, and hopes for another “enduring fashion moment offstage” that some current designs and large-scale merch distribution might be lacking, or competing with fan-made merch alongside official products.


Want to Print Your Merch?


GQ’s other articles were thought-provoking and an important coverage of the merchandise industry as a whole. The 41 Most Iconic Pieces From the Golden Age of Merch felt like taking a trip down a monumental memory lane for us here at Teesh.

Seeing the ‘Big Bang’ of Merch in 2013 as GQ links to the Yeezus tour of 2013 – well, the modern merch movement that is, was a reminder of how timeless merchandise can be, and got us thinking about what really defines a good, memorable, everlasting piece of merch. Take a look at the article for memorable drops and trend-setting designs.




When we think back to our 13-year-old selves discovering our identities, a certain distressed Nirvana vest top comes to mind. Yes, most of us born after April 1994 might have purchased said merchandise from a licensed retailer unsure of what it meant and were just drawn to the grunge-ridden logo that screamed teenage angst. But really, in our opinion, that’s what makes timeless merchandise. The ability for merchandise designs to become part of the fashion cycle and ultimately become regurgitated 10, 20, 50 years later… That’s timeless recognition.

As GQ highlights in their article, “there is everything that came before Kanye “Ye” West’s 2013 Yeezus tour, and everything that came after”. They also noted that “the whole thing felt like a mini streetwear line” and that is something that is most definitely hard to achieve… but the rewards are endless. If you grasp a brand image, a design, a niche that sets the tone for your merchandise line then this allows for consistency across your designs and more opportunity for growth as a merchandise line.

Grazia also highlights that the staple of this summer is arguably a Statement T-Shirt. Adding personality and vibrancy to your printed designs is a great way of making memorable merchandise for your business and brand.


When artists, bands, creators and businesses want to create memorable merchandise that will leave a lasting impression and most importantly sell well, most opt for the durability and vibrancy of screen printing methods for quality and high quantities. Heavyweight blanks are also a preference to some, giving that vintage feel and timeless fit to unisex designs.

Take a look at our merchandise content and services to learn more about the importance of a reliable supplier when it comes to your merchandise, and get in touch with us if you’re looking to add to the list of memorable merch that has a lasting impact.




Teesh Recommends:

Let’s talk about why screen printing is the go-to choice for bands, artists, and creators when it comes to merchandise.


Screen printing ensures long-lasting prints that can withstand countless gigs, washes, and wears without fading or cracking.

Vibrant Colours

Achieve bold and vibrant colours that pop off your merchandise, making your brand instantly recognisable.


From t-shirts and hoodies to tote bags and posters, screen printing can be applied to a wide range of products, giving you endless options for your merch lineup.

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