How Long Does Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing Last?

If you are thinking about investing in DTG printing, or if you want to put out your own merch but aren’t quite sure which option is best for you in terms of T-shirt printing, then this is the guide for you.

How Long does Direct-To-Garment Printing Take?

Direct-to-garment printing takes around one minute. This does vary depending on the design, the material of the t-shirt and the general size. Usually, you can position your design in accordance to the size of t-shirt you have, which is very useful for customised orders.

dtg printing

What’s the Quality Like for DTG?

DTG printers are very large, and they are capable of handling all kinds of designs in various colours. This printing method is precise, and it produces very high-quality results. The ink is not deeply soaked into the fabric when compared to other forms of printing, such as screen printing. With DTG printing, you can rest assured knowing that no detail is going to be lost, and you can also feel confident knowing that the end result is going to be everything you hoped for and more.

youDTG Printing is the Newest Tech on the Block

There is absolutely no denying that DTG printing is the newest technology out there. Newer technologies tend to be much more efficient, and they also help to push the history of human innovation as well. The high-quality designs that DTG printing is able to produce are ideal for complex t-shirt requirements or images that require a higher level of precision. With DTG printing, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the latest printing technology without having to pay the large price tag.

DTG Printers Will Last As Long As Screen-Printed Designs

So what lasts longer, t-shirts that have been screen-printed or t-shirts that have been printed through DTG? The truth is that DTG printed garments will last just as long as screen-printed designs. They are durable, and the vibrancy of the design alone makes them a fast, efficient and affordable option for anyone who is in need of a quality supply of garments.

Pros of DTG Designs

There are so many pros to DTG designs. Some of them include:

  • Excellent results
  • Ideal for smaller batches
  • Huge range of colour options
  • Maximum detail

Cons of DTG Designs

There are some cons to DTG designs. Some of them include:

  • Not cost-effective for bigger volumes
  • Limited placement options for the design

So, there are some cons to DTG printing, namely if you want to print very large volumes of t-shirts or designs. That being said, if you want to print smaller batches or if you want to have a lot of customisation with your design, then DTG printing is the way to go. You can take advantage of the spectacular results, and you can also ensure maximum detail with every garment that is printed.

This alone makes it ideal for small companies or start-ups who want to make sure that they put a primary focus on scalability and quality.

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