How Many Washes Can DTG Take?

DTG printing is gradually growing in popularity. This is because of the high quality printing, very neat edges and precise designs that DTG printing offers. But lately, there’s been a growing concern about its durability and ability to last, whilst still retaining those properties that make it awesome.

If you’re curious about how many wash cycles DTG printing has, well, the official number is 50 cycles. However, many customers and printers say it can last through a lot more wash cycles without fading or losing its edges. But you need to understand that this can only happen if certain criteria are met.

Some of the factors that determine if your DTG print will last or not include:

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Ink Quality

The quality of the ink used in printing on the material is important. In DTG printing, companies often use a bright underbase that’s pretreated. This tends to last longer and gives the clothes the well-deserved vibrancy that DTG prints are known for.

Garment Quality

The quality of the garment also plays a role in how many wash cycles the print can take. High-quality fabrics with good DTG prints and pretreatment are more likely to last a lot longer than low-quality fabrics.

So if you’re thinking of doing a DTG print, make sure to use good fabrics that can last a fairly long time. The fabrics must also be properly pretreated before the printing is done, and cured properly afterward.

Printing Machine

DTG printers are great at printing whatever design you want on the clothing material. It works in a manner that’s similar to your computer printer. Done correctly, you can even print highly detailed patterns or designs into the clothing material, and it’ll come out looking great.

A bad machine with poor printing capabilities means that the paint won’t be properly emblazoned on the cloth. This may cause the design to start fading after a few washes.

Laundry Involving Heat

Washing DTG prints in hot water, and drying them in hot environments is bound to break down the paint’s particles. So, treat all clothes with DTG prints like you do regular t-shirts. Wash them in cold water with gentle soaps or detergents, and air dry them. This way, the paints will last a lot longer.

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But How Can You Be So Sure?

Sometimes, customers like you need to be assured that DTG printing works. If you’d like to be sure, we’ll recommend that you ask for a DTG print sample, and then wash it as much as you want. This is the easiest way to determine if DTG prints on clothing materials can last very long.

You can literally, put them in the washer and dryer and count the washing and drying cycles. Then check for the quality of paint on the material. Many people find that the quality and vibrancy of the designs stay on for much longer than fifty wash cycles.

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