Maximise Your Screen Printing Budget: Tips for Large Volume Orders

Securing the best price for large volume orders is paramount for any business looking to maintain a healthy bottom line. Whether you’re an independent artist, promotional agency, clothing brand or tour manager, following simple steps to make the expenses in your merchandise supply decrease can make a siginificant difference to your overall expenses.

Here are some key strategies to ensure you get the best deal on your next bulk order.

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1. Plan Ahead

Time is money, and this is especially true when it comes to placing large volume orders. By providing your supplier with ample lead time, you allow them to optimise their production schedule and avoid rush fees. Planning ahead enables you to take advantage of any early bird discounts or promotions that might be offered by the supplier. At Teesh, we work alongside our customers to come to an agreement on turnover days based on our capacity and your needs.

2. Consolidate Your Orders

Bundle your garment orders together to increase the overall volume, which will decrease the per-unit costs. The higher the volume of the order in screen printing, the lower the cost, especially with designs that have a low colour count. This is because in screen printing, there are screen charges, unlike direct to garment (DTG) printing, which has no set-up fees and is better for low quantity orders. Here at Teesh, we’ll be transparent about our pricing and competitive rates.

3. Be Clear About Your Requirements

Clearly communicate your expectations regarding the quality, quantity, and timeline of your order. Providing detailed specifications upfront can help prevent misunderstandings and costly revisions later on. Sampling is a great way to establish your requirements, and being open to suggestions on ways to optimise the printing process without comprimising on quality.

4. Negotiate Pricing

Ultimately, you are in ownership of your brand image, and finding the most afforable price to elevate it is arguably the most important step for customers looking for the perfect supplier. Things like volume discounts for siginificant orders, long-term contracts or agreements for regular orders and colour count revisions are to name a few.

5. Explore Alternative Materials

Alternative garment materials or printing techniques than you may have originally planned or utilised might be the better option. We’ll always ensure that you’re getting the right print at the best quality possible, because it’s our service working alongside your requirements and budget. We offer garment sourcing too, which is a great way to utilise a 360° service from your supplier

6. Build a Strong Relationship

A mutually beneficial relationship with your screen printing supplier based on trust, transparency and collaboration is ideal. A strong partnership can lead to better pricing, exclusive offers and broadening connections in your industry.


"screen printing technician working on an automated print press to set up a bulk order design"

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“Within a week we took samples, gave designs, printed and collected! We are really happy and will be using Teesh going forward!”

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