Packing, Bagging and Labelling

A new feature to our list of services is our packing, bagging and labelling department. This is something which has slowly grown over the past year and has now become one of the key parts of our business due to the clients we work with who were looking for printers who can provide an entire service, as opposed to one part of it.

Have your branded labels in your products

This is a relatively simple process but provides our clients with an opportunity to receive store-ready products which can be sent straight out to sales made over the internet, or sold in store.

The features we offer currently consists of:

  • Sewn in neck labels
  • Folding
  • Bagging
  • Sticky labelling
  • Swing-tagging

We are constantly looking for ways to add to this list of finishing requirements, so make sure you keep up to date with what our capabilities are if what you are looking for isn’t listed above.

Attention to detail in every garment

All of the staff in our packing department are vastly experienced and put the same amount of care and attention into every garment. We have state of the art machinery to ensure product consistency and speed, as well as our operators having the knowledge to undertake any order put in front of them.

Fantastic fully branded products

So, if you have a clothing brand or licensed merchandise company which is in need of the full garment production process, be sure to ask about what we can do to help you produce fantastic products.

Get in touch with us today to find out how Teesh can help you grow your brand, or how we can help you keep up with your busy schedule.


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Find out how Teesh can help you grow your brand, or how we can help you keep up with your busy schedule.

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