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Dropshipping wasn’t a particularly well-known phrase a few years ago, but if you are a small independent brand, or a larger scale, more environmentally friendly clothing business, it’s a term you should be very familiar with.

Bringing your ideas to life.

The basic premise of drop shipping clothing is that all you have to worry about as a designer or brand owner is letting your creativity and vision be at the forefront of your mind, and let a company like ourselves take care of the rest. This means less time organising shipments and printing your designs, and more time doing what creatives do best… Creating!

No More Deadstock

The best part about being a dropshipping business is that there will never be any dead stock that you cannot get rid of, we will only ever produce what you sell. Not only is that a brilliant way of keeping your production bills to a minimum, but it means less clothing ending up in landfills around the world, which is something all of your customers will appreciate.

Want to know how it works?

Well, all we need to do is get a list of the products and designs you sell so we know what to send out when the orders come flying in, send us over the shipping details for your customers, and we will handle the rest. All of the products will be printed on our state of the art direct to garment printer, which will guarantee the highest of quality.

Looking to start your brand?

So if you are looking to start a clothing brand, but don’t have the spare money to produce 100’s of tees, or want to take your established business and keep it growing, get in touch today to discuss how we can bring your ideas to life.


Step one

Product Specifications
Let us know all about the products you want to sell.


Step two

Make a Sale
Advertise your products online, and once you make a sale you can forward it to us.


Step three

We Handle the Rest
Using all the information you have given to us, we can now print, pack and ship your products, while you sit back and relax.

Get in touch with us today to find out how Teesh can help you grow your brand, or how we can help you keep up with your busy schedule.


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Find out how Teesh can help you grow your brand, or how we can help you keep up with your busy schedule.

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