What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a process that essentially pushes ink through a stencil to create a print onto a surface. The stencil is designed however you wish. It could be your logo, a mascot, or just a unique design. The mesh screen is placed on the stencil and the product underneath. The ink is then pushed through and this pushes the ink onto the product, whether it be onto fabric for a t-shirt, or perhaps wood, metal, plastic, etc.

The history of screen printing

Screen Printing actually goes back to 221 AD in China, and Leicester has always been the shining light of the industry in the UK. In the 17th century when the silk screen printing culture in France took off, then more and more businesses around the world began to use this technique to create prints and designs in clothing, artwork, shop signs and canvas prints, etc.

Is direct to garment printing good quality?

What to use screen printing for?

The main usage of this technology is for clothing printers. The most popular item is t-shirts. Here at screen printers Leicester, we are experts in printing t-shirt designs. No matter what kind of design you have, whether it be an animal, object, unique shape, or just a splash design, we can imprint anything onto a t-shirt. The great thing is, we can handle all kinds of fabrics. We don’t just do synthetic materials like polyester, but silk, cotton, wool, and linen.

Why is screen printing used?

Screen printing is used for mass production of t-shirts. However, we have found that many small businesses that want to create high-quality products but not bust the bank on their first few products in their fashion line, want to use screen printing. T-shirt printing is used for all sorts of things. Sometimes it’s front and back designs, other times it’s a mixture of ink and rubber to create stripes on shoulders, around the hem and neck, etc. This allows for very interesting designs and looks that cannot be done any other way.

There are two main methods to screen print a design – automatic screen printing and manual screen printing. The difference with the two is that the manual printing presses are operated by hand, and the automatic machines work using electricity and compressed air, and is the method we use the most.

If you would like to create some brilliant print for your t-shirts, then feel free to contact us today and let’s have that conversation.

Enquire on our website or call us on 0116 367 1647.

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