Adapting to life in lockdown, and the future for Teesh.

We are fast approaching the 12-month mark since our first national lockdown, and it has given us time to reflect on the positives and negatives to come out of this period of isolation and self-reflection.

No one could have ever expected how this last year could have affected our lives, both in a working capacity and our personal lives. I have used this time to write down some of my thoughts from the last few months, and outline some of our plans for the future.

The Rise of Drop Shipping and Print on Demand

The closure of high street shops has proven to be a massive hurdle for many in the fashion industry, but has inevitably forced business owners to innovate and adapt. The surge in online sales has driven many businesses to completely change their approach to selling their products, with plenty of smaller brands trying their hands at drop shipping and print on demand, as opposed to bulk buying and bulk storage.

Though this can be a less financially savvy way to go, the ethical and environmental positives surely outweigh those negatives. Using drop shipping and print on demand services, there is no dead stock meaning you only produce what you sell. Your prints will normally be from DTG (Direct to Garment) printers, meaning environmentally friendly water-based inks, and it also gives people a chance to step away from some of the unethical suppliers of screen printed merchandise. In addition to this, some have slashed their overheads down massively by saving on office and warehouse space and most importantly, saving time. The initial printing costs may seem high as opposed to normal production, but the potential savings are quite clear to see.

Here at Teesh, since the first lockdown we have invested heavily into these services, and at present are developing integration software which will hook up to your online sales. This will completely streamline your selling process, and give you more time to create and less time printing shipping labels. We see drop shipping and these order integration systems as the future of the industry, as it offers a simple introduction to the minefield that you can experience starting a clothing brand.

Changes at Teesh, and our plans for the future

As previously mentioned, we have recently decided to invest in Direct to Garment printing. It has honestly been a revelation when having spent years making prints on traditional screen printing presses, and couldn’t be more different in terms of potential customers and potential applications.

It has opened doors to us for drop shipping and print on demand services, and due to some recent successes, we see it as where the future of the business lies. We will always have screen printing as our primary form of print production due to its simplicity and cost effectiveness, but digital printing could prove to capture parts of the market we never anticipated we could reach.

As much as printing is a huge part of drop shipping and POD, how we process and distribute the orders is just as important. We are currently developing order integration software which will allow our clients to connect their online store with our order management program, which will make ordering seamless and streamlined. Our clients can expect to have orders shipped on a next day delivery due to our new deal with a well know courier, and in addition to this we can guarantee incredible print quality to match the fantastic customer service and order processing we normally provide.

A feature we are also working on at the moment is our mockup generator which can be found right here at People who have no need for traditional screen printing or drop shipping services we provide can simply purchase one t-shirt and receive their order on next day delivery. This will give anyone the opportunity to choose their garment/mug/pillowcase etc, place their image or text onto the substrate with ease, and have it delivered before they know it.

Our main hope is that our screen printing service will return to its full strength, as it is what we built our business on and is our most popular form of production. I am hopeful that with the opening of non-essential shops and if/when we adjust to the changes made by Brexit, we and our fellow printers across the country will get back to how we were.

With all of these changes I have just spoken about, it’s clear that Teesh will be able to cater to each and every person looking to buy or sell a printed garment or piece of branded merchandise. The future is definitely bright.

Final Thoughts

With the potential end of lockdown and national restrictions set to end in the next few months, I think we can all look back on how it has changed us and how it has made us appreciate the small things in life a little more. On a personal note, it has helped me to focus on working and formulating ideas for the future more than ever before, which I think is a huge positive to come out of the weirdness we have been living through.

I hope that the economy will “bounce back” like it has been predicted, and that the people and businesses that have suffered in the months gone by can get back on their feet and pick up where they left off.

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